The Reflection is Perfection.

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$1.50 per minute for all readings

Virginia Gray Wolf

Walk-ins & Appointments Available Every Saturday 12-4pm
Appts Only During the Week

 With the help of her Spirit Guides and her higher self, Virginia uses a Tarot deck for her readings, asking the cards to show her what you need to know.  She discerns what influences are at work in your life at this time, what is of importance, and what you can expect to ensue if things remain the same.  Often we are not aware of, or do not pay attention to, influences and events that need our attention.  Life is not immutable, nor is our path through it carved in granite. Getting a clearer picture of what is happening gives us a chance to make choices for a more desirable outcome, if desired. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or stockbroker, therefore I do not presume to give advice on such subjects.  I do seek answers to specific questions that you may have about your life and your concerns.


Nyela Oluchi Hope
"The Soul-ologist"


Rev. Nyela Oluchi Hope
Soul-ology services includes  Numerology, Palmistry, Voyager Tarot, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Counseling.

 Nyela is available for consultations and readings by appointment also.  Call (813) 964-1156 to schedule.


Rev. Sharon Burnett

Rev. Sharon Burnett is an intuitive Tarot card reader with over 20 years of experience.  With the help of her guide, William, she connects with your higher self to provide the guidance you seek.

Her card readings include Astrology Tarot to get insight into the different sectors of your life. 

As part of her readings, she intuitively scans your energy field to bring into awareness any energy disturbances which may affect both physical and emotional wellbeing. 


William Peña

Intuitive Life Coach


William's gift is to assist you in identifying that which comes from your Essence/Higher Self ~ the core of your Being.  It is with great honor that he surrenders to that greater part of You. William's childlike, innocent perception allows him to channel the purity of your Essence through unique tools of voice, sight/feeling and hand expressions. These tools allow your body & mind to shift to a greater sense of awareness. During this shift the body is cleansed from lower vibrations and your mind is invited to embrace new perspectives for a new way of expression in your life ~ new beginnings. 

A session with William brings energy work/meditation, tools and insight to your questions and guidance from Spirit.  Your Mind, Body and Spirit are celebrated in his sessions.

Is any part of your life ready for a fresh start?