The Reflection is Perfection.

Ongoing Events & Consultations


$1.50 per minute for all readings.

Garner Cowan

 A medium, channel, and palmist for 24 years, Garner utilizes his friendly and comical Aquarian nature, along with the help of his Spirit Guide, Clara, to provide you with an honest, in-depth, and magical reading.

   Virginia Gray Wolf
Walk-ins & Appointments Available Every Saturday 12-4pm
Appts Only During the Week

 With the help of her Spirit Guides and her higher self, Virginia uses a Tarot deck for her readings, asking the cards to show her what you need to know.  She discerns what influences are at work in your life at this time, what is of importance, and what you can expect to ensue if things remain the same.  Often we are not aware of, or do not pay attention to, influences and events that need our attention.  Life is not immutable, nor is our path through it carved in granite. Getting a clearer picture of what is happening gives us a chance to make choices for a more desirable outcome, if desired. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or stockbroker, therefore I do not presume to give advice on such subjects.  I do seek answers to specific questions that you may have about your life and your concerns.

                        Nyela Oluchi Hope

Rev Nyela Oluchi Hope, B. Msc is a Intuitive Counselor, Certified Numerologist, Palmist and

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.  She received her ministerial ordination from the University of Metaphysics, Sedona.

 She is available for consultations and readings by appointment also.  Call (813) 964-1156 to schedule.


Rev. Sharon Burnett

Rev. Sharon Burnett is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader with over 20 years of experience.  With the help of the cards, and her guides William and James, she can connect with your higher self to help provide the guidance you seek.“

Michael Anthony 
(Available by appointment only) 

Michael Anthony is a spirit-taught tIntuitive Reader with experience in Tarot, Oracle Cards, Color Energy, Chakra Readings and much more. While he has only been reading professionally since 2013, he has been guided by Angels and Spirit to give spiritual guidance for as long as he can recall. Born and raised in the Christian faith, Michael has been connected with The Divine since childhood, closely working with the Archangels for personal clarity. In his adulthood, he has expanded his spiritual beliefs to forge his own path of intuition he calls "The Diviner Life". He is an Ordained Minister and Honorary Doctor of Divinity through The Universal Life Church and aspires to spread a message of love and light to all who will hear it. He is not by any means a physician, lawyer, or other health/legal advisory and should not be treated as such. However, he is a firm believer in the truth and importance of the messages given by his angels and guides."

Andrea Krudo


 Medical Intuitive, Psychic Reader & Psychic Development Teacher 

She is also a Psychic Medium and able to connect with loved ones who have passed.   Andrea has
 been giving readings for 20+ years, but turned professional in 2013.  Andrea's view on life and Spirit was dramatically altered after experiencing a Spirit-led Kundalini awakening at 27 years of age,
followed by 5 years of Spirit-led Kundalini "tune-ups".  As a result of her search for the meaning of her Kundalini experiences, she became involved in the Charismatic Christian church.  Andrea was active in the Prayer Ministry and "laying-on of hands" for divine healing and help.  This is where her connection with Spirit Guidance and Spiritual Healing was further developed.   After many years, Andrea felt called
 by Spirit to leave the politics, dogma and the rigid, religious environment of the church and begin her journey as a Psychic.   She clairvoyantly reads on any topic; relationships, career, health, past lives,
finances, blockages, what is working for you and what isn't. Andrea's style is warm and friendly,
 yet direct.  She believes you hold your future in your hands and you are a powerful creator of that future.  Therefore, her readings are focused on helping you learn, clear and heal what is blocking your life today, so your tomorrow may be healthier and happier.
**While Andrea is a Medical Intuitive, she is not a medical practitioner or physician.
A Medical Intuitive is not a Physician.  The information and advice given in a reading with Andrea Krudo is not to be substituted for the diagnosis and/or prescription of your primary care physician.**

Kerri M. Jones
(Available by Appointment Only)
Astrology is an ancient and powerful science with the ability to chart the world's wildest frontier, the human mind.  Astrologers are able to grasp insights on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level that can transform your life and awareness.  Clarity and understanding are available to you through a chart reading.  The special moment of your birth provides a foundation for realizing the self and achieving unity of the mind, body, and spirit.  Kerri M. Jones, with an education in Psychology and eight years of Astrological Research, will guide you through your chart to a fundamental understanding of your unique astro-physiology and explain how you can utilize your universal gifts to succeed,
, and how the planets effects  you right now.  Readings can be given in person or by phone.

Available Consultations
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