The Reflection is Perfection.



Psychic Readings
Saturdays, December 12 & 26

Virginia Gray Wolf is available every Saturday


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William Peña ~ Intuitive Life Coach

$1.50 per minute

10 minute minimum


William's gift is to assist you in identifying that which comes from your Essence/Higher Self ~ the core of your Being.  It is with great honor that he surrenders to that greater part of You. William's childlike, innocent perception allows him to channel the purity of your Essence through unique tools of voice, sight/feeling and hand expressions. These tools allow your body & mind to shift to a greater sense of awareness. During this shift the body is cleansed from lower vibrations and your mind is invited to embrace new perspectives for a new way of expression in your life ~ new beginnings.  A session with William brings energy work/meditation, tools and insight to your questions and guidance from Spirit. Your Mind, Body and Spirit are celebrated in his sessions. Is any part of your life ready for a fresh start?